CuteSoft.NET Classic ASP Components
License Generation Helper

Current URL
Domain/Subdomain name
IP@ Detected

Submit the info in the table to generate your license file. Download this .asp (.zip format)

What is this?

This License Helper is designed to help you decide what to include in your license file. It works for CuteEditor for Classic ASP

How does it work?

Upload the .asp to your server at the same place the component will be running at. For example, if the component runs at, then run this License Helper at Please run this .asp in all scenarios your end users may access. For example, run it inside/outside firewall, redirection domain names, different VPNs, internet/intranet, home dial-up network etc. etc.

What does it tell me?

Info shown in the table are the name/IP@ will be checked against license when loading at current URL. If the .asp returns multiple names/IP@ in different scenarios, you need to include them all in your license file. A License for also works for, works under http:// or https:// hearders and different TCP/UDP ports (ie.

What if my server is on Intranet

For intranet servers, i.e. http://ServerName, you don't have to set up internet connection to use the control, just run this ASPDetect.asp and submit whatever shows up in the table. Some people use ServerNames for intranet servers and other may prefer DNS or IP@

What about localhost?

http://localhost access is free with a valid license. All domain/Small Business/IP license are considered valid license. Temporary license files before the expiry date, are considered valid too. However when the temporary license has expired, http://localhost access will be lost.

How to submit for license?

click on the links below, it will bring up your email console. Type in your Buyer's email@, Product Name, Purchase Date, Domain/Subdomain Name or IP@. Then send us the email. License generation timeline is 24 hrs on weekdays and 48 hrs on weekends/holidays.

License files are permanet, once you submit the name or IP@, you can't change/replace it. If you are going through a transition period such as development/testing phase or change to a different webhost/webserver shortly, please ask for a up-to-3-months temporary license. For each order, you are entitled to have one 3-month temp license. Therefore be very careful for the name/IP to submit.

What about my testing/staging servers?

For each purchase, you are entitled to have one 3-month-temp license. You can use that one to cover your temporary needs. However if you need them longer than 3 months or on a on-going basis, you will have to buy additional license to cover them. Temporary License Request

Thanks for your business